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Function Blocks Library

Function blocks are atomic entities used to compose Models or Submodels in ProcXim. Out of the box, ProcXim features a rich library of function blocks. The library includes commonly used blocks to perform mathematical, logical and statistical functions. It also has an expanding equipment library with modelling for motors, valves, analog inputs, etc. Interaction with the simulation model is possible via control objects such as buttons and numerical entry fields. Simulation also benefits from the ability to monitor simulated results, for which ProcXim uses numerical and graphical displays, as well as a simple version of a scope object (for short period trending)

Block instantiation is made easy with a hierarchical menu. The menu also allows for submodel instantiation

Function Block Menu_edited.jpg

A block browser is available too if you prefer to find your blocks by name or description

Function Block Filter_edited.jpg

Most function blocks can be customized via parameters. Pins can be hidden to save space, and its indication can be changed via the Pin Editor. Disconnected pins' values can be changed directly from the Pin Editor without needing an Input block driving the pin value. The '.e' pin allows for conditional block execution, manually or from logic (with .e pin is shown)

Funtion block customization.JPG
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