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ProcXim offers connectivity to most popular PLC brands using industry standard protocols. Currently ProcXim supports:

  • FactoryTalk Logix Echo

  • MODBUS TCP Server


  • Ethernet/IP Adapter

  • Profibus DP

  • OPC DA Client

  • OPC UA Client

The ProcXim Communication Drivers SDK (.Net) gives the user the opportunity to develop their own communication drivers. The SDK files and documentation are available for download for ProcXim. users


ProcXim can act as a MODBUS TCP server to your MODBUS Clients, supporting standard MODBUS types (registers and coils). Each MODBUS TCP Server is assigned to a local IP address for clients to connect to. Multitasking technology ensures MODBUS TCP server are as responsive as the computer resources allow.

MODBUS TCP Servers can be enabled or disabled to simulate, for instance, communications disruptions. Included is also a ResponseDelay parameter to emulate slow responding MODBUS TCP Servers.


 MODBUS Registers can have proper names which can be used in Models, Submodels, Macros and Scripts. Instead of using register addresses, Templates' named registers help making code easier to understand. ProcXim MODBUS Servers can use addresses and or named registers, the choice is yours

MODBUS Server Template.JPG


ProcXim can also act as a MODBUS TCP Client to your MODBUS TCP Server, supporting standard MODBUS commands to read and write registers and coils. With configurable scan time, and options to adjust data endian at byte and word level, ProcXim can connect to any MODBUS TCP Server to fulfill your simulation needs.


OPC DA Client

OPC DA has been around for long time and is supported in many PLC and SCADA systems. No communications tool can claim to be complete if it does not include OPC DA connectivity. ProcXim can connect to OPC DA Servers easily using its OPC Server Explorer:

OPC DA Explorer.JPG

...just select the server and branch you want to connect to and that is it!


OPC UA Client

OPC UA is the new flavor to OPC and many modern systems are moving towards this new approach. Out of the box ProcXim is ready to coonect to OPC UA Servers using the OPC UA Server Explorer

OPC UA Connection.JPG

ProcXim has a tag browser that makes navigating the OPC UA Server namespaces a breeze. Discovered tags in the namespace can be easily added to the project by copying its Node ID.

OPC UA Explorer.JPG
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